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about us

Black Owned Business Manitoba was founded to highlight, promote and celebrate black owned businesses, professionals, and creatives in Manitoba. We believe ally-ship and standing in solidarity goes beyond social media posts. It's supporting and advancing the economic growth of black people in Canada by shopping black whenever possible, supporting black creatives and putting black professionals in the position of authority in organization and corporations.  


Our goal is to empower the black community to pursue entrepreneurship and build sustainable wealth that can be passed on to the next generation. As an organization, we hope to give black businesses and professionals a platform where they can be heard, empowered, discovered and be supported by everyone. 


Our directory features a wide range of black owned businesses, brands, professionals, bloggers and artists for every consumer to support. We understand how difficult it is to find black owned businesses and services in Manitoba. This is also a great way to buy locally, and support our city’s economy. Which in turn uplift and advance the economics of black communities.


We aim to give the black community in Manitoba a voice, promote economic opportunities through entrepreneurship advocating for black professionals to be represented in positions of power in larger organizations and corporations.

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