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Tusome Books

Tusome is a Kiswahili word that means Let us read. Kiswahili is a language spoken in several African countries.

Tusome is an online bookstore that celebrates authors from three main regions; Africa, Asia and the Middle-East -and recently added, Indigenous authors.

Tusome translates to Aan Isla Aqrino in Sahra, Ame koandn in Kumanji & Kurdish, Asibale in Ndebele, Dusome in Kinyarwanda, Let Us Read in English, Lisons in French, Nagrah in Arabic, Ti Belenge in Nyanja, Zela Totanga in Lingala and 读书 in Cantonese.

The goal of the bookstore is to bring stories and experiences that seem so unfamiliar and out of reach closer to readers.

Through Tusome Books I hope to empower every reader to embrace diversity by living vicariously through the characters in the rich volumes available at this store. I also look forward to sharing stories and experiences, and learning more about people and their lives by connecting with readers.

Tusome Books

Contact Person

Valerie Nyamori

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Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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